Luminous Mysteries - Thursday

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5 days ago

Thank you Simon

Canio Muscillo
5 days ago

Hi Team
I run a business and we are having some real challenges at the moment. We have staff that we have found out are undermining us and intend to go out on theor own and steal our clients. We are so stressed, we ask for prayers so our Lord can help us make the right decisions and help resolve this torment.

Carmelle Adams
Reply to  Canio Muscillo
4 days ago

Hello Canio
i am praying right now that Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, in His mercy, touch those who are stealing your clients. May they see the error of their ways and redeem themselves. I ask Mother Mary to intercede for you as well. May God bless you and help resolve this ongoing problem!

Carmelle Adams
4 days ago

Thank you Simon for leading us in today’s rosary. I found it to be very spiritual. God Bless!