Glorious Mysteries - Sunday

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Cecilia Nyokabi
2 years ago

Help me pray for my Grandma who is not feeling well that our God who is the great physician will heal her and relieve her from the suffering she is going through.
Lord hear us

2 years ago

Thank you and God bless you both!!! For praying with all of us around the world today the Holy Rosary of the Glorious Mysteries,so well as usual!!! I will be consistent with my prayers to the Lord for all the people of Ukraine, for peace in Ukraine, Russia and for the world. I will also pray to the Lord for all those who have sent their most needed prayer requests to the ministry. That the Lord will be with them and help them.

Joanne McGuirl Wharry
2 years ago

Love ❤️ Bruce Downed ministries! I found him after searching the Catholic guy Lino Ruilli. Love ❤️ the many graces I have received already only since signing up for the Lenten videos. Please pray for my daughter Jennifer Therese in a mental health facility for the fourth time in her young life. I pray the Drs can help her to come to terms w this and get more help. Getting the correct meds with other lifestyle changes would be beneficial. Thank you for your prayers !