Sorrowful Mysteries - Friday

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5 months ago

God bless you Bruce & Rosemary & thank you for praying the Rosary every day with us every day 🙏

Bonnie Mershon
5 months ago

You and Rosemary make my day! I hope Rosemary’s surgery went perfect! Many blessings to you.

5 months ago

Thank you Bruce and Rosemary for always being available to pray the rosary any time of the day. This is my 3rd year anniversary, with you two Gifts from God to me and so many others. Because of all your wonderful help, I pray the rosary each and every day!! Sometimes I am even able sneak in a second rosary. You have inclined me into going deeper into my Catholic faith! Bruce and Rosemary thank you for always being just an email away! May God continue to Bless you both by leading His sheep back to our Lord! You both… Read more »

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