Joyful Mysteries - Saturday

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Joan Ranck
3 years ago

Thanks Bruce and Rosemary for praying for the Rosary with me I thank God for people like you and may your ministry grow Happy birthday Rosemary may God continue to bless you and be safe love you 😘🙏🎂🎈🎉

3 years ago

Thank you Bruce and Sandra for praying the Holy Rosary of the Joyful Mysteries with us the praying family today! With me late tonight or early next morning! It is a real joy to pray with you both and also with John and Rosemary! Please say to Rosemary Happy Birthday! I do hope she has had a very happy and blessed day! Please pray for me and my husband who are obliged to go to the hospital nearest us to be tested for the corona virus because we went to Ikea at Tempe on Wednesday! The day before my son… Read more »