How Do I Live in Faith Now

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Bruce Downes
10 days ago

Today we held our first full ‘Livestream’ Catholic Prayer and Teaching. It was streamed here on our platform plus YouTube and Facebook. Thank you to everyone who prayed for this today. There were a few technical issues that will be worked through by next week. It now will be On-Demand throughout this week, meaning people can watch it at any time they wish. In a couple of weeks time we will also give the option for people to watch just the Message (talk) portion part of the Prayer and Teaching Service. Thank you to the team who have worked so… Read more »

Raymond Russo
9 days ago

Hi Ladies… great opening,nice and bubbly and full of promise

3 days ago

God bless you lovely young ladies. Good to see such young and enthusiastic promise in you.

Debbie D'Souza
3 days ago

This is Debbie D’Souza from Melbourne

Debbie D'Souza
3 days ago

I enjoy Bruce’s daily videos and I share these videos everyday to 35 friends

Debbie D'Souza
3 days ago

Please pray for my cousins daughter who has had a facial paralysis. Lord Jesus please send your healing power on this lovely girl’s face. In the name of Jesus, she is already healed. Amen

Okafor udochukwu Christopher
3 days ago

i enjoy Bruce downes and it have help me in prayers

3 days ago

Thank youBruce, I will send miserableness away, and be happy that God loves me and is with me, and I am never alone. I want to do what God wants me to do.

3 days ago

Hello I am Christopher from Nigeria I love Bruce it have help me in prayers, how to listen and learn. I pray this last Sunday of this month be a blessing to next December