When Life Is Beyond What We Can Do

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Raffaella Librandi
7 months ago

God cured you Bruce because you had a job to do that only you could fulfil. Praise the Lord.

Donna Benczenleitner
Reply to  Raffaella Librandi
7 months ago

I believe you none of us can leave this earth until our job is done ✅ God bless you and all that read this, do your best and never stop praying.

Donna Benczenleitner
7 months ago

Thank you 🙏

Donna Redfearn
7 months ago

Sobbing is how I describe it. Thanku.

7 months ago

Bruce you have been my North Star. You pointed me in the right direction to bring Christ back into my life. You have restored my faith and made my heart full again. Keep doing Gods will! You are helping so many of us. Thank you!!!!